Coppell - the furness mrc

The clubs OO exhibition layout

Description                                               Size 31ft x 11ft

The layout represents the West Coast Main Line passing through the fictitious town of Coppell (Lancs). If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the layout is set just south of Coppull, between Preston and Wigan. We’ve just industrialized the area somewhat!

The time period of the layout is BRs sectorised period from 1986 to 1996, before privatisation really set in. Stock includes Intercity, (West Coast and Cross Country), Railfreight, Civil Engineers, RTC Test trains, Railtours and local and long distance Regional Railways services, (mostly formed by DMU’s, but including EMU’s and Loco Hauled).

The models are a wide ranging collection of detailed RTR, kits and scratch built models. Fed from a large fiddle yard capable of holding approximately 60 complete trains, it can take up to 60 minutes to see each one. Track is mostly PECO streamline, laid on cork and ballasted with Woodland Scenic Materials. Buildings are either kit-bashed or scratch-built using embossed plasticard on MDF shells.

Signals are Knightwing plastic kits, modified with brass posts and LEDs, controlled by push-button switches, track circuits and two reprogrammable logic chips. The Overhead Catenary is mostly Somerfeldt wires on scratchbuilt masts, and also a couple of modified 'N Brass' Lattice kit-built portal style structures. Pantographs are either Somerfeldt, Hornby/Lima hybrids or Hurst Models Hi-Speed Kits.

Control is mainly by DCC, powered by three Lenz SET 100's. The outer circuit also has conventional DC control available. DCC motive power is mostly fitted with ESU decoders, most with enhanced bass speakers, or Lenz silver decoders.

Coppell appeared in the December 2008 issue of 'British Railway Modelling' magazine and the 'Traction' Annual 2008/9. The layout also appears in the DVD 'Modern Image Model Railway Layouts' Vol 5 by M.S.I.M.